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1" Double-Threaded Lens Tubes

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Our 1" Double-Threaded Mountable Lens Tubes are similar to standard lens tubes, however the internal thread is double threaded (2 leads). The double thread allows the retaining ring to move twice as far per revolution when compared to a standard thread. These lens tubes are fully compatible with standard lens tubes; standard external and internal threads are located so that interchangeability is possible.

Our Double-Threaded Mountable Lens Tubes also have a lens-locating feature that allows the inserted lens to be concentric within .001" of center.

These components may be used as alternate and/or direct replacement parts for numerous OEM builds. Listed in the categories below are many of our current products and their suggested replacement item numbers.

Note: All mountable lens tubes come with (1) retaining ring.

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Item #

Item No. to Replace

Item No. to Replace

Thread Diameter

Thread Pitch


List Price

MLT-10-03-DT SM1L03 N/A 1.035 in 40 TPI .445 in $8.50
MLT-10-05-DT SM1L05 LT10-05 1.035 in 40 TPI .645 in $8.80
MLT-10-10-DT SM1L10 LT10-10 1.035 in 40 TPI 1.145 in $9.95
MLT-10-20-DT SM1L20 LT10-20 1.035 in 40 TPI 2.145 in $11.55
MLT-10-30-DT SM1L30 LT10-30 1.035 in 40 TPI 3.145 in $18.00
MLT-10-40-DT SM1L40 N/A 1.035 in 40 TPI 4.145 in $31.00
MLT10-RR-DT SM1RR LT10-RR 1.035 in 40 TPI .080 in $3.25
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1