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3/16-100 Adjustable Sets

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Our imperial sized adjustable screw and bushings have been designed to give the user the most precise positioning available in the industry. This new design allows for the thread class to be adjusted internally using our custom wrench. The threads can also be locked in place, serving the same function as a lock-nut, but with a significant improvement: no backlash. This is achieved through our patented locking mechanism which prevents any axial movement (creep/backlash) when fully locked.  These matched sets are ideal for highly sensitive systems that require sub micron resolution and precision positioning.

Our highly developed proprietary machining and custom modified machines enable us to produce our 100 TPI adjusters to standards that exceed industry standards.

Note: The wrench used for our adjustable screw and bushing sets must be purchased individually (wrench not included with purchase of adjustable screw and bushing set).

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AB187-100-500 3/16 in 100 TPI 0.500 in 0.125 in 5/64 in $20.15
AB187-100-750 3/16 in 100 TPI .750 in 0.125 in 5/64 in $20.66
AB187-100-1000 3/16 in 100 TPI 1.000 in 0.125 in 5/64 in $21.17
AB187-100-1250 3/16 in 100 TPI 1.250 in 0.125 in 5/64 in $21.68
AB187-100-1500 3/16 in 100 TPI 1.500 in 0.125 in 5/64 in $22.19
AB187-100-1750 3/16 in 100 TPI 1.750 in 0.125 in 5/64 in $22.70
AB187-100-2000 3/16 in 100 TPI 2.000 in 0.125 in 5/64 in $23.21
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1