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FC/APC Connector Type

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Our FC/APC Fiber Adapters are manufactured to universal sizes and standards. These components may be used as alternate and/or direct replacement parts for numerous OEM builds. Listed in the categories below are many of our current products and their industry equivalent item numbers.

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Item #

Industry Equivalent No.

Connection Type

Mechanical Angle

Thread Type

List Price

TFA10-FCA-370 SM1FCA Variant FC/APC 3.70 SM1 $21.92
TFA10-FCA-405 SM1FCA FC/APC 4.05 SM1 $21.92
TFA05-FCA-370 SM05FCA Variant FC/APC 3.70 SM05 $23.25
TFA05-FCA-405 SM05FCA FC/APC 4.05 SM05 $23.25
TFA10C-FCA-370 CMTFCA Variant FC/APC 3.70 C-Mount $29.58
TFA10C-FCA-405 CMTFCA FC/APC 4.05 C-Mount $29.58
UFA10-FCA-370 S1FCA Variant FC/APC 3.70 Unthreaded $23.25
UFA10-FCA-405 S1FCA FC/APC 4.05 Unthreaded $23.25
UFA05-FCA-370 S05FCA Variant FC/APC 3.70 Unthreaded $23.25
UFA05-FCA-405 S05FCA FC/APC 4.05 Unthreaded $23.25
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1